Lao land and it's people

       Lao is comprised by group minorities
Who share loves, be friends and join hands
They love and sympathize
Like same parents of Lao Land.

People in the north or south
They communicate like friends and are happy
Food sharing to the poor are custom
Support each with love.

When I visit you, fish dish is served
While you visit me, new rice is also given
Meat and fish are the main meal
This is the meal from the heart of Lao people.

Lao are honest and loyal to the nation
Be laborious for national construction
Provide new lives for new generation
To maintain the heritage of Lao nation.

Laos is the least developed and most unknown country in South East Asia. A ruinous sequence of colonial domination, deadly conflict and dogmatic socialism finally brought the country to its knees in the 1970s, and almost 400,000 people left to America, Canada, Europe and Australia. They were predominantly Lao, but included many Hmong and smaller numbers of other minority groups.

Now, after years of isolation from the outside world, this landlocked, sparsely populated country is enjoying peace, awakening from its socialist slumber and admitting foreign visitors. The lack of foreign influence offers travellers an unparalleled glimpse of Lao tradition.

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